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Constructive News

The Vision

Welcome to this platform for everyone who shares the dream of improved journalism to the benefit of society. Constructive News is for journalists, editors, publishers, scholars, politicians, present and lost media users who are engaged in Constructive News – or who just want to know what all the fuzz is about. Please share your thoughts, experiences, best practice examples and challenges in helping journalism to help the world. While we build this website you can already send your ideas and examples to Ulrik Haagerup.


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The Book


Conflicts, drama, crooks and victims. That's news. This is our world. Or is it? This first international book on constructive news shows the consequences of media negativity: To people, to the press itself, to the public debate and to democracy.

Provocative and engaging executive director of DR News, Ulrik Haagerup, demonstrates how a paradigm shift in news content has succeeded at Danish Broadcaster DR by changing bad news habits and making journalism more meaningful.

Constructive News is both a wake up call to a media world struggling for a future and an inspirational handbook on the next mega trend in journalism. A good story doesn't have to be a bad story.

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