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street, and the oil used was for sewing machines, purchased from Gómez, on Juanelo street. Nuts and bolts were bought at the Atocha hardware store, on the street of the same name. This inconvenience can be overcome, either by using another stool for a foot support, or by sitting towards the inside, with one's feet over the "adornment" of flowers that covers the previous hole. Objective: Extension of available urban ground and communication between two roads.

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The space of the trailer was designed with tapestries of various pastel tones, united by long zippers. Work Realized: Demarcation with 190 white lines, painted on the floor and the wall of the underpass. Supplies: The boards were sold and cut to size by Maderas Hermosa, on the Ronda de Segovia, and the nails were bought from the Hoyos hardware store, on Toledo street. Supplies: The trailer was rented from a merchant who had it for his own use. Work Realized: Between the branches andin a place hard to reach, an alarm was placed, of the sort that sound in commercial establishments. Plaza de Legazpi, on the curve of the sidewalk curb that forms the beginning of the Vado de Santa Catalina, on the left side. Location: Opening of the automobile underpass on Toledo street.

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Supplies: The plastic net and the support sections were acquired from Díez, on Ferraz street. Supplies: Paint and brushes, as well as the materials for the stencilling of the lines, were acquired from the Orúe drugstore, on Postas street. The mirrors, whose precise orientation proved laborious, had to allow one to see ones own vehicle for the greatest possible time, as well as other cars that moved alongside and those that went behind, for which reason. 4, objective: Reservation for foreigners without shelter. Supplies: The alarm itself, along with the diverse mechanisms described above were supplied and installed by Juan Lobato, a resident living along the Carretera de la Playa. Work Realized: Enclosing the area selected with a plastic net, mounted on profile sections sunk into the ground. Location: Open ditches at the meeting of Maldonado and General Díaz Porlier streets. Work Realized: A process of lubricating noisy mechanisms with machine oil, and with the help of an olive oil can. Location: A plot with exits on to the Plaza de Herradores and on to Bonetillo street.

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